How to Tell If a Basketball Jersey Is Fake

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If you are buying an authentic NBA jersey, you need to make sure it is the real thing and not a fake. You need to be especially cautious when you purchase a jersey from an unauthorized retailer or online from a third-party site such as eBay. Fake jerseys can be counterfeit or replicas of the authentic jersey, and it is not too hard to tell the difference once you know what to look for. Continue reading to learn how to tell if a basketball jersey is fake.

Examine the Jersey

There are real differences that you can notice by examining the jersey. You should try to feel the fabric because real jerseys are made with polyester mesh or another type of fabric that is smooth and wicks away the moisture from sweat. They are made for playing basketball, and they will be true sports attire. If you come across a fake jersey, the material might be scratchy and rough. The stitching will also be lower quality, and the jersey might fall apart more quickly that an authentic jersey would.

The team logo patches are going to be identical to the actual logo, and they will be smooth and made of twill. On fake jerseys, they might be made of low-quality products and ironed on similar to a decal. The numbers are also made of twill and are either stitched on or heat transferred. They will not fall off easily because on authentic jerseys, they are designed to last a long time.

Compare the Jersey to an Authentic Jersey

If you don’t have an authentic jersey, you won’t have trouble finding one online. You should look on authorized seller websites or on the team website. Make sure that the jersey you want to buy is identical to those that the team actually uses. The authentic jersey is exactly the same as what the players wear.

You should check the stitching because it will be flawless. The NBA logo is stitched using different colored layers of stitching. The jersey you are going to buy should be the same if it is authentic. Make sure that the logo and other patches are the same size and font as those that the players wear. They should be the correct shade of color as well. If there are any discrepancies, then it is likely that the jersey is fake.

Investigate the Seller

You might want to research the seller because those who sell replicas and counterfeits usually have a history. They might have negative feedback, so you should check what other buyers have said. In addition, they shouldn’t have countless numbers of one particular jersey. If it is authentic, it would be expensive to stock up on it.

Ask the seller questions about the jersey’s authenticity to see what they can tell you. If the seller is not able to answer basic questions, then it isn’t worth the risk. You should move on and find the item from another seller who is more transparent or knowledgeable. It is important to make sure that you are buying from a seller with a good reputation because you will always pay more for an authentic jersey.

When you want to buy an authentic basketball jersey, it is important to be able to spot a fake. Counterfeiters whip them up and try to take advantage of people by passing them off as real. Fake jerseys are usually poorly made with some glaring differences. The patches and numbers might be ironed on, and they often don’t hold up to washing and wear.

An authentic jersey will look just like those worn by the players. They will have the numbers and patches in the same location. Be sure to compare the jersey to one that is authentic to spot any signs that it is fake.

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