How to Tell If a Book Is Abridged

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An abridged book is a shorter, condensed version of the original. The original full-form book is called the unabridged book. If you select an abridged version, you will miss out on some of the original content. Some people prefer the abridged version, such as students who are required to read the book. Other people may want to read the main parts of a book without reading every single word. As a result, publishers will publish abridged versions for sale. Continue reading to learn how to tell if a book is abridged.

Look at the Cover of the Copyright Page

Usually, a book is marked as abridged if it is an abridged version of the original. You may see this word on the jacket, the cover, or inside. Start by looking at the outside of the book, and if it says “Abridged Version” in smaller print, you know what you have.

This information may be given on the inside of the book instead. When you look at the copyright page in the beginning of the book, you can read through the information. This page contains information about the copyright, the publisher, and the year it was published. It will also tell you if this is a first edition. Read through this page and search for the word “Abridged” or “Abridged Version.”

Some books are very long in their original forms, and publishers have an abridged version made to suit readers who don’t have the time to read a longer book. They keep the main ideas and thoughts of the author in a condensed form. You will usually be able to find information that tells you that you are looking at an abridged version of the book.

Compare it to the Original

Although different printing methods can make identical copies of a book look different, they will still closely resemble each other. One version might have longer pages with smaller type, which will lead to a lower number of pages.

When you compare two books to find out if one version is abridged, you need to look beyond this side-by-side comparison. An abridged version can be significantly shorter, so there will be a lot fewer pages. You can compare how many chapters are in each as well as the chapter titles. If the book is abridged, you might find chapters missing altogether.

The books may have the same number of chapters, but one version may have significantly shorter chapters. If the book is abridged, you will find that the text is different in places or that there are parts that are missing.

Ask a Professional

You can also go to a library or to a professional book seller to find out if the book is abridged. They are experts and have a lot of experience with books, so they can often tell you quickly whether or not you have an abridged version. This can make a difference because some people prefer an abridged version, and others want to read the entire book in its original form.

When you ask an expert, it will be easier if the book is one that is in the shop or the library because you can make a direct comparison. However, the professional may be able to sort through information in the book to find out if it is abridged, and he or she will let you know.

Some people prefer to read the abridged version of a book if they are reading for pleasure or if they don’t have time to read an entire thousand page novel. Others, such as students, may need to read the book in its entirety word for word. No matter what your preference is, you will be able to use one of these methods to find out if a book is abridged.

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  1. Great information. Thank You. Children’s books are so confusing since we buy so many online and want the full stories.

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