How to Tell If a Hockey Stick Is the Right Size

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If you are getting started playing hockey, it is important that your stick is the right size. Having the right size stick will ensure that you play to the best of your ability. Your height and weight will play a role in determining the right size stick. It is also an important factor in shooting, passing, and stickhandling. If your stick is too long or too short, it can make it a lot harder to play. Continue reading to determine how to tell if a hockey stick is the right size.

The Height

The height is very important in making sure that your hockey stick is the right size. You should stand up straight with the stick in front of your body. Then, have the toe of the tip of the blade touch the ground. The stick should end up between your chin and your nose. If you are on skates, the stick should be near your chin.

You might want to have your stick a little longer or shorter depending on what position you play. Sometimes hockey players who are defensemen prefer a longer stick because they can get off a slap shot with more power, and they find it helpful when they are checking other players. Forwards need to handle the puck, and they often find a shorter stick to be easier. You need to know your position and your style of play to decide what the best stick size is for you.

Hockey sticks are pre-measured and come in specific sizes, so it can happen that you are unable to find one that is the perfect height. In this case, you will want to have the stick cut down or add an extender to make it longer. Then, you can add an end plug to it. Keep in mind that cutting the stick down will increase how stiff it is, while adding the end plug will reduce how stiff the shaft is. If you have a preference, that will help you decide which route is the best for you.

The Flex Rating

The flex rating tells you how flexible the stick is. If it has a higher rating, the stick is more stiff, whereas a lower rating tells you that the stick is more flexible. When you start out playing hockey, you should try for something in the middle. You can take your weight and divide it in half to get a mid level flex rating. If you weigh 160 pounds, you will want a stick with an 80 flex rating. If you like it a little softer, you can go down anywhere from 10 to 15 flex points.

It is important to have the right flex rating for your stick because it determines how much power you have. If the stick is more stiff, you will need to generate the power, but you will have a lot of control. If you have a lower flex rating, you will have more power, and you can work on perfecting your technique.

Get Fitted at a Pro Shop

The best way to find the right size hockey stick is to work with the pro at the shop to get fitted. These professionals know exactly what you need, and they likely know what your coach’s preferences are. They will ask you a few questions, and they can explain to you why you should choose a particular stick.

When you start playing hockey, it is important to have the right size stick. You should be comfortable skating with it, and it should feel like an extension of your arm. You should have enough flexibility to shoot the puck down the ice, but you should have enough control to handle the puck. If you play defense, you might want a slightly longer stick, but you might want a shorter stick if you play offense.

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