How to Tell If a Pokemon Card Is Rare

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If you have old pokemon cards or you have come across some recently, you probably want to know if any of them are rare. The reality is that rare cards are worth some money because people collect them.  Fortunately, there are ways to find out. Read on to find out how to tell if you have a rare pokemon card.

Check the Card for its Rarity Symbol

The biggest thing to determine a pokemon card’s rarity is its rarity symbol. If you look at the card, you will find the rarity symbol in the bottom right corner. It will be next to the card number. If it has a circle, it is common. Uncommon cards have a diamond. Even though diamond marked cards are uncommon, they are pretty easy to find, and they are not usually worth a lot of money unless they are printed in 1999 or 2000.

If the card has a star, it is rare. It can also have a star H or three stars, which is super rare. Cards with these markings on them are most likely to have value, so you will want to set them aside. You might find other symbols that indicate whether the card was sold as part of a limited edition set. You can look up the card as a Promo, a Deck Kit, or a Box Topper to find the value. You may find one worth $100 or more, so it is worth looking up.

Look for Special Symbols or Words After the Name

Some pokemon cards have the level shown just after the name. It might say Dratini LV.10. However, you might find some cards with special words or symbols in place of the level. These can be valuable. Look for pokemon cards with LEGEND or BREAK after the name. Legendary pokemon cards will be split over two different cards, and you have to put them next to each other to see it.

You might find ones labeled SP for special, ex, or LV.X. Some are marked G, GL, M, C, 4, or FB. These are all special cards, and you should look them up to see if they are valuable. Either way, they are not common and worth adding to your collection.

Look for the Collector Number

When you look at the collector number, you will see the card number first, followed by the number of that card that was printed. For instance, you might see 50/55. Special cards are said to have a number higher than the number printed. You might see 56/55. This is a sure sign of a rate card, and it could be worth a few hundred dollars.

When you look at the collector number, check to see if it starts with SH. This is a Shining Pokemon, which is different from the normal version and more rare. You can also find holographic cards. These are more rare.

If you can’t find a collector number, then the card is one of the earlier ones. Being old does not necessarily make it more rare, but it is worth finding out. You can check online or go to a pokemon collector to find out what it might be worth.

If you collect pokemon cards, you might want to know when one is rare. You may want to sell it or keep it safe. There are ways to look at your pokemon cards and find out. The key is to gather the information and then look them up to see what they are worth.

If your card has a rare symbol, then you know you have a rare card. If it has special characters after the name, this is another sure sign of rarity. Look for other features that distinguish the card from the others. If you are considering selling some of your cards, you will need to ask an expert or check by looking it up online.

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  1. I have about 60 Pokemon cards that are perfect that came in the late 1990’s with Kodack film coupons from Eckerd’s. They are all hollow-graphic; #25 Pikachu MOVE IT YOU SEE #26 RAICU. THESE CARDS ARE 2 INCHES BY 2 INCHES. COULD YOU PLEASE TELL ME THERE VALUE? MY PHONE IS 918-232-9015. TEXT PLEASE.

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