How to Tell If Jade Is Real

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Jade is one of the most beautiful stones, and It comes in many different colors. In fact, it can be green, lavender, red, white, yellow, or orange. It is usually graded for its quality, noted by a grade of A, B, or C. If you have jade in your collection of jewelry, you might want to know if it is real. Read on to learn how to tell if jade is real.

Look at the Color and Texture

When you examine the stone, it should be smooth with a bright color that is vibrant. It will be both opaque and transparent, and you will notice that it shines similar to the way that the sun’s rays shine off of the water. It will not have any air bubbles inside the stone, so if you see any, it is probably not real.

You can take a magnifying glass and look more closely at the color. It should be consistent, but it can have slight color variations. It should not be a solid color, nor should it have blotches all over it. In addition, you will see some imperfections on a real stone. It could have a slightly uneven shape, and this will show even after the stone is polished. You might find that the stone has an uneven shape, dips across the surface, or pitting. If the stone is perfect without any imperfections, it is probably fake.

Try Some Basic Tests

There are several tests that you can do to determine if your jade is real. The first one is to throw the stone up in the air and catch it in your hand. Pay attention to the weight because jade has a high density, so it feels heavier than it appears.

You can also lift the jade up to your cheek. If it is real jade, it will feel very cool. If it doesn’t feel cool, it is probably not real. It shouldn’t grow warm, even after you hold it there for a few minutes. You can also try to rub it between your hands to warm it up. It should stay cool after you rub it for a few minutes.

In addition, you can take a piece of jade that you know is real and take the one that might be fake, and tap them together. Jade is a hard stone, so you should hear a deep sound when the two stones touch together. If it sounds more like plastic, it could be fake. Finally, you should try to scratch the stone. Jade is very strong, and it will not be easy to scratch it.

Take the Jade to a Jeweler

You can also take your jade to a professional and reputable jeweler. A jeweler can look at the stone and do several tests to determine whether your jade is real. You can check with two different jewelers if you are not sure. You can also ask the jeweler to do a density test to see if it meets the standards of a real stone. If you check with a few different jewelers, you will be able to compare their findings.

When you have a stone that might be jade, you will probably want to know if it is real or not. There will be a difference in the value depending on whether it is real or not. You can examine the stone to make sure that it has the characteristics of jade. It should have some imperfections, as most stones do. It should also be partially opaque and partially transparent.

You can perform a few other tests on your own, or you can take it to a jeweler for an expert opinion. A reputable jeweler should have the experience and knowledge to know if it is real, and they can also perform a few tests using their equipment.

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