How to Tell If Skateboard Trucks Are Good

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Your trucks are possibly the most important part of your skateboard. The trucks are the two metal parts that attach to the bottom of your skateboard deck, and they hold the wheels. The trucks are made up of a few different parts, including the base plate and the hangar. The baseplate is attached to the skateboard deck with hardware that is screwed to the board with mounting holes. The hangar is attached to the baseplate, and the axel runs through it. Your wheels and bearings are placed here. They come in different styles, so continue reading to learn how to tell if skateboard trucks are good.

Make Sure They Are the Right Width

You need to make sure that your trucks are the right width for your board. The width is determined by the length of the axel, which is the outer width, and the width of the hangar, which is the inner width. They should not be much wider than the deck because it will shift the center of gravity to the side. This will make some of your tricks difficult to accomplish.

It is important to note that the size of skateboard trucks is not standardized, so you need to measure them against your deck. It is not a problem if your deck is wider than the trucks, but you don’t want it the other way around. Make sure that you measure them before you get them for your deck.

The Height

Skateboard trucks come in three heights: high, mid/standard, and low. Which one is right for you depends on both your height and the size of your wheels. It is important to make sure that you have this right because you want to optimize your board so that you can do what you want to do with it.

Higher trucks require you to push down further when you pop; the deck is the lever, so higher pop offs are possible. They are also practical for taller and bigger people because they can handle the extra size. Kids will want to stick with lower trucks, and many people prefer standard trucks. You should know which trucks are best for your style of skating and your size before you choose them.

Consider the Material

The material that is used to create your trucks as well as how it is constructed play a role in how good the trucks are. It will have a huge impact on how the skateboard feels, rides, flips, and grinds. If you get basic standard trucks, they are usually made with an aluminum hangar and baseplate, but the axles are steel. You can also find them made of composite materials. Some can be hollow, while others are solid. Hollow materials are lighter, so you can do certain tricks more easily.

When you are choosing skateboard trucks, choose the ones that are best for your style of skateboarding. Make sure that they are the right width for your deck, and get the height that is ideal for your size and how you intend to ride. Choose a material that is well made but light. At the same time make sure that it is sturdy enough to hold up to your usage of the skateboard. Choosing trucks that are good for your skateboard will make a big difference in your skating style.

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