How to Tell If Someone Is Lying to You

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It can be frustrating when you don’t know whether someone is telling the truth. However, there are certain signs you can look for that are a dead giveaway when people are lying. Pay attention to the details including their eyes, hands, and body language. Most people are uncomfortable lying and those who aren’t have other signs that they show. Take a look at the following ways to tell if someone is lying.

Listen to the Manner of Response

When people are lying, they may have a pause before they answer. For example, you might hear them take a minute before they respond. This is an indication that they are taking time to formulate a response. It may only be a slight pause but it is enough to show that something is amiss.

In addition, you might notice extra swallowing or throat clearing. This is another way of delaying. If you ask a question and the person pauses and clears his or her throat, you may want to keep your guard up. Even people who are not uncomfortable lying will use the delay method to come up with a good (although untrue) answer.

Watch the Eyes

If you suspect that a person may be lying, be sure to watch his or her eyes. When people lie, they avoid eye contact. They might look away or they might look at you and then look away quickly. If someone is looking you in the eye and then starts to look away while talking, this is a sign that he or she might be lying.

In addition, people might try to cover their eyes when they lie. They can accomplish this with their hands or even by closing their eyes. Pay close attention to a person’s eyes if you think that he or she might be lying to you.

Observe Their Body Language

You should always pay attention to body language when you think that people are lying. The first thing to look for is a lack of connection between their words and their body language. For example, sometimes someone will say yes while shaking his or her head to indicate no.

Another indication of lying is an effort to cover the mouth. This is based on a subconscious effort to cover the lie. In addition, you might notice the person running his or her hand through the hair or fiddling with other items. People fidget when they are uncomfortable and most people are uncomfortable when they lie.

Try these methods to determine whether people are lying to you. The more of these symptoms you see, the more likely they are lying.

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