How to tell if someone screenshots your Instagram story

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When Instagram started allowing users to share stories, 24-hour photos, videos, and texts, it became one of the hottest social media functions of the time. Everything was fine until Instagram made an update that told users when someone took a screenshot of their story. Here are the details on how this all works.

Instagram will notify you

Back in 2018, the social media app created an update so that when someone takes a screenshot of your story, Instagram sends you a notification that such-and-such user took a screenshot. The update started as a test run on just certain groups on Instagram users to see the impact it had on user engagement. Now, the update applies to anyone on the social network, so be aware.

How people are getting around it

There are workarounds, though. Users have discovered that Instagram will only alert people that their story was screenshot if it happens within the mobile app, as opposed to the Web version. To get around this, individuals have been opening Instagram on their computer’s Web browser and taking screenshots that way, all without being found out by the original poster.
Another way they’re taking screenshots without getting noticed is by using a third-party app designed for Instagram. There are many of these, some of which help with editing photos and others that manage Instagram feeds and posting schedules. Users can log into these apps and from there, take screenshots of their friends’ stories.

Checking who took a screenshot

While it’s frustrating to know that someone will know you’ve taken a screenshot of their story, it’s also a pain to check the notifications in the first place. You need to click the little sunburst icon at the top of your Instagram page to see a list of people who took a screenshot or recording. For users with lots of followers, it can be tedious to scroll through and see who exactly the culprits are. It looks like this update is more annoying than anxiety producing.

Still not sure on how to tell if someone screenshots your Instagram story

If you’re still scratching your head and want to find more information on how to tell if someone screenshots your Instagram story, there are more resources like Dailydot. It is pretty easy to know unless someone tries to do something to hide the screenshot like using a web browser but Instagram will notify you if its on the phone app. If you’re on the other end and don’t want someone to know that you did take a screenshot, then just don’t do it. If you found this helpful and think it will help someone else share this with someone, and share with us if you know a better way to tell if someone screenshots your Instagram story by commenting below.

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