How to Tell If You Have Lice

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We’ve all had an itchy scalp from time to time, but how do you know when it’s something more serious? Children aren’t the only ones susceptible to lice, although they’re the most likely demographic to get lice. That’s because lice are spread through physical contact and sharing belongings, things that kids in school do on a daily basis.

What do lice look like?

It’s important to understand what lice look like and exactly what they are. They’re teeny tiny insects, about two to three millimeters in length, and they’re parasitic. As parasites, they feed off of a person’s scalp and blood. Female lice lay eggs, which can make the lice infestation even more widespread. Up close, lice look like tiny brown bugs. They’re often hard to separate from strands of hair.

Signs that you have lice

It’s not uncommon for people to have dandruff or a particularly dry scalp. However, those white flakes in your hair might not be dry skin, but lice eggs. Also known as nits, white lice eggs are difficult to comb out of hair and they tend to be closer to the scalp rather than widespread, such as dandruff flakes.

Of course, itching is a side effect of having lice, but you may also feel the sensation that something is moving or crawling through your hair. Lice can’t fly, but they’re excellent jumpers. Be sure to check your bedding and clothes for small brown bugs the size of sesame seeds. This will point you towards figuring out if you have a lice infestation. Moreover, look for small red bumps around the nape of your neck. Lice can hang around there, too.

Lice is highly treatable

The good news is that lice is fairly easy to treat, and there are products that you can buy to thoroughly clean your hair and prevent future infestations.

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