How to Tell If You Have Split Ends

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People often do not realize that split ends are hair that is damaged. It is important to know this and trim split ends before the split travels further up toward your scalp. You can learn to recognize split ends by looking at them. You will see the ends of individual hairs split in two strands at the bottom. When you notice this, it is time to get a trim.

If you find that you have split ends frequently, you may need to rethink your beauty routine. There are ways to treat your hair with conditioner and other products so that it has the moisture it needs. Read on to discover how to tell if you have split ends.

Check How Dry Your Hair Is

When your hair is damaged, it is no longer able to hold in moisture. No matter how great your hair care products are, it might feel dry and be difficult to brush and style. The top of your hair closest to your head may feel smooth and healthy, while the bottom of your hair might feel brittle.

This often happens if you use heat or chemicals on your hair frequently. Heat in the form of a flat iron, a curling iron, or even a hair dryer can take its toll on your hair. Chemicals from hair color or other styles can also damage your hair over time. If you notice split ends in the form of dry brittle hair, you may need to change your hair care routine.

Hold the Ends of Your Hair up and Examine Them

Split ends come in many different forms, and the best way to find them is to gather your hair and examine the ends. You will want to look for any of the following:

  • Split ends with multiple splits
  • Split ends that feather out
  • Split ends that are split again
  • Long splits
  • Tiny splits
  • Thickened ends
  • Incomplete splits

If you find any of these, you will need to trim your hair to stop the damage. If you have trouble seeing the ends of your hair, you can use a magnifying glass. It is important to identify the split ends so that you can trim your hair and help it get healthy again. The ends of your hair are not living, which is why it is not possible to heal them. You need to trim between ¼ and ½ inch above the split ends to let your hair recover.

Go to a Hair Stylist

You can also go to a hair stylist and ask him or her to evaluate your hair. These professionals have a lot of experience and know when hair is damaged. They will also know how much of your hair needs to be cut so that it can recover and be healthy.

This can also be a good solution because hair stylists can recommend products that can help prevent your hair from becoming damaged. They may advise you to avoid using flat-iron straighteners every day, or you can add healthy fat to your diet, such as olive oil or avocado. These types of foods can help your hair to be healthier and strengthen the individual hairs so that they don’t break.

Many different products will make it more likely that you develop split ends, and if you go too long without a trim, that can add to the problem. As your hair grows, it becomes heavier, which makes it easier to damage. It is important to make sure that you moisturize your hair, and if you use hair coloring or other products that dry it out, you need to use conditioning agents to keep it healthy.

Luckily, after a trim, you will not have any split ends. You can then take care of your hair as it grows. If you leave the split ends there, it weakens your hair and makes it more likely that it will break.

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