How to tell if your hairline is receding or maturing

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It’s a natural phenomenon that most men dread. Receding hairlines can make you feel old or unattractive, but is your hairline really receding, or is it just maturing? Here’s how to tell the difference.

Is the hairline moving back evenly?

If you notice that your hair seems less full and thick around your hairline, odds are that your hairline is receding. Look closer and determine if the hairline is moving back at an even level, or if the recession is more noticeable on your temples.

Hairlines that recede evenly are merely maturing, while those that move back more sporadically are receding. In both instances, this is a normal condition that the majority of men will experience. That being said, the age at which your hairline starts to recede will vary depending on genetics and other factors.

Mature hairlines can recede further

Let’s say that your hairline is maturing, which is a natural thing for an adult male to discover. Your hairline continues to be even, giving everything a more rounded and youthful look. However, you begin to notice that your hairline is continuing to recede higher up on your head.

This is referred to as male-pattern baldness, when your hairline continues to recede. One of the most common signs of a receding hairline and male-pattern baldness is that your hairline takes on a horseshoe-like shape. You might notice that your hair is much thinner or falling out around your temples, although it’s not thinning as much towards the center of your head.

There are different ways to treat receding hairlines and male-pattern baldness. It helps to understand why your hairline is receding in the first place. It could be stress, genetics, environment, or probably a combination of all three. There are different medications and solutions on the market these days.

What to do if your hairline is receding?

If your hairline is in fact receding, you have a number of options. Let’s review them:

  1. Embrace it: This is the cheapest and easiest option. Embrace that beautiful balding head of yours and never look back!
  2. See a hair loss specialist (like a real doctor): Another option is to seek medical advice to learn about surgical and non-surgical options for stopping, slowing, and reversing hair loss.
  3. Try OTC hair loss products. There are a number of hair loss products available.

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