How to Tell If Your Rotors Are Warped

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When you are concerned that your brake rotors are warped, you need to know what to look for. It is hard to tell with the naked eye. The best way to figure it out is to look for symptoms so that you can address the problem and keep your car safely on the road. Take a look at the following symptoms to look for when you are concerned that your auto’s brake rotors are warped.

Are There Vibrations?

When your brake rotors are warped, you will notice a vibration in the brake pedal and possibly in the steering wheel. If you are driving, and you feel a vibration when you put your foot on the brake pedal, this is a sign that your rotors might be warped. Sometimes you can feel it with a very light amount of pressure. You may also notice it when you are slowing down. If you feel this vibration, you should have your car checked.

You may also feel the vibration in your steering wheel. The brake rotors are connected to the spindle that the wheels are connected to. As a result, you may feel a vibration in your steering wheel when you use the brakes. You may only notice this vibration when you have to slow down quickly, but it will be there, and it is a sign that your brake rotors might be warped. Pay attention to this because you need to get them looked at right away.

Do You Hear Noises From Your Brakes?

When your brake rotors are warped, you may hear noises from your brakes. These noises are a result of the brake rotors unevenly contacting the brake pads. When the brake rotor is warped, it is no longer a flat surface, so it has this impact. The noise can be loud and sound like thumping, or it can be a low groan. Pay attention to the sounds coming from your brakes, and get your car checked right away.

If you find that you are replacing your brake pads more frequently than the manufacturer suggests you should, this is a sign that something isn’t right. Having warped brake rotors can cause your brake pads to wear out more quickly. You will notice noises when they go bad, so pay attention to how your car feels as well as how it sounds.

Your Brake Calipers Malfunction or Your Wheel Bearing Is Damaged

You will notice right away if your brake calipers malfunction. Their role is to squeeze the brake rotors together, and they may use more force than is necessary, which will cause it to be off balance. Malfunctioning brake calipers is likely going to lead to warped brake rotors, so you should pay attention to how your brakes are working.

In addition, your wheel bearing may be damaged. When this happens, the wheels wobble. If you allow it to continue, it can cause damage to your brake rotors, and it can also do other damage. Make sure that your wheels are not bent. The wheel bearing can wear out, which will give the wheel too much wiggle room. The parts of your car should always be aligned and tight, and when you notice this kind of thing, it is important to take it into the shop and have it repaired.

Your brake rotors are the important part of your car’s braking system, and you need to make sure that they are functioning at all times. When you use the brake pedal, the brake fluid goes through the brake lines to the brake pads. The brake pads then squeeze your brake rotors, and this friction is what causes your car to slow down. If the brake rotor is warped, it can damage other parts of the system or lead to malfunctioning brakes. Your brakes are important, so make sure that you recognize signs that something is wrong.

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