How to Tell If a Ring Fits

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Getting a ring that fits can be tricky because fingers change shape over the course of the day. They can swell from exercise, drinking, sleeping, salty foods, elevation, and more, and you need to make sure that you have a ring that will fit throughout those changes. In addition, you do not want your ring to be so loose that it falls off while you are wearing it.

It is hard to find a ring that fits perfectly, but you can find one that will stay on your finger and remain comfortable. You are always better off with a ring that is too big rather than too small because you can take steps to make it fit. Continue reading to learn how to tell if your ring is the right size.

Check to See If Your Ring Is Too Big

Sometimes people have large knuckles, and they need a larger ring to get the ring onto their fingers. Once it is on, the ring may move up and down. The ring fits, but it may be uncomfortable because it slides around on your finger. You can have a jeweler manipulate the shape of the ring to help with this, possibly customizing the shape of the ring so that it fits over your knuckle and then fits your finger.

If you buy a ring that is too big, it could slide off of your finger during the day. The best way to find out is to shake your hands with your fingers pointing down, and see if the ring stays in place. If the ring slides over your knuckle, it is probably too big and needs to be fitted or you risk losing it while you are out.

Check to See If the Ring Is Too Small

It is a little easier to know if your ring is too small because it likely won’t fit onto your finger. Even if you can get it on, you may have trouble sliding it off or it could leave an indentation in your finger. If this only happens after exercise or drinking alcohol, it could be normal because you may have some swelling in your fingers. However, if this is an everyday occurrence, your ring is likely too small.

If you go to a jeweler, they may be able to help you with this problem. If you have a simple ring without a lot of detail in the metalwork, it is much easier for jewelers to help you with it. They will examine the ring and make sure that it can be changed without hurting the structural integrity or the design of your ring.

Notice How it Goes on and Off Your Finger

When you place your engagement ring on your finger, it should be easier to put it on than it is to take it off. If you are not used to wearing a ring, it may feel tight until you get used to it, but this feeling should go away after you wear it for a little while. You should take the time to get used to it, and as long as it doesn’t leave an indentation in your finger, this is a proper fit. If you have a ring that is too loose, it is likely to fall off when you are going about your day. This can be tragic because a ring usually has value, whether financial or sentimental.

If you are concerned about the size of your ring, it is a good idea to wear it for a month before you go to a jeweler. If it really is too big and falling off of your finger, you can go sooner, and if it leaves an indentation and cuts off your circulation, you can go right away. However, if you are unsure, then it is ideal to wait about a month to get a better idea of how it fits.

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